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They must be deployed by a Farm Administrator and run in the main SharePoint worker process. Customizations added via Farm Solutions are available to the entire farm, which makes them a great choice for a wide array of custom features, such as branding solutions and administration tools.

Increase business process efficiency and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint.

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Another limitation is that they cannot make any calls to externally-hosted Web Services or databases, which can still be achieved using client-side technologies. Sandboxed Solutions can be deployed uploaded by a Site Collection Owner or Administrator via a browser and run in the SharePoint sandbox worker process.

Even though Sandboxed Solutions are still allowed in SharePoint , they are deprecated and should be avoided in favor of SharePoint Apps. This is a brand new extensibility model introduced in SharePoint that addresses some of the inherent challenges with SharePoint Solutions. The biggest difference between apps and solutions is that apps run completely outside of the SharePoint server, meaning their custom code is executed either in the context of the client browser or on other servers not running SharePoint i.

Therefore, this model provides the highest level of app isolation. However, as a result, apps cannot natively interact with other apps.

SharePoint 2010 Composites: Do-It-Yourself Business Solutions

SharePoint Apps are generally scoped to individual Sites or a special Site called the App Catalog, which allows for other Sites to connect and consume the app. SharePoint Apps can be developed using Visual Studio , which includes a fully supported app template. Thus, the options for integrating with external applications are vast. There are three types of SharePoint Apps: Keeping users notified is a big part of most business processes you will automate. Workflow-generated emails are hugely customizable and offer many options for looking up data and including it in the email itself.

You will also work through the process of updating form data via workflow. Most of the workflows we create and use in our SharePoint environments are human workflows, meaning we will often need input from a person at various stages of the workflow. In this module we will look at:. Forms Services is included with the Enterprise edition of SharePoint Server and gives you the capability to create InfoPath forms that your users can fill out right in a browser.

SharePoint Workflow and InfoPath No-Code Development | PremierPoint Solutions

They are no longer required to have the InfoPath Form Filler client application on their machine. One less app to support and simpler form user interface as well.

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  4. In your SharePoint Server environment there are web services you can tap into with your forms to make form filling easier for your users. Since they are authenticated users in your environment, do you really have to ask for their ID, name, email, or department? The SharePoint user profile web service can return all that and more.

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    You will then utilize that data in your InfoPath form. Here you will write the workflow portion of the business process solution begun in Module It will include workflow lookups, calculations, and will ultimately update the SQL data based on the outcome of an approval process. Forms Services allows you the freedom to customize your list item forms with InfoPath. Everything you can do with browser-enabled forms you can do with your list item forms: In this module you will:.

    No Code Solutions

    InfoPath Forms can be digitally signed to confirm that the information contained has not been altered. In this module you will first create a simple workflow to secure form data as soon as it is submitted. After the form lands in the secure library, a workflow is started to route it for approval. For this workflow you will make use of the pre-built approval task process, customizing it to fit your needs. In many scenarios, companies will be fine storing form data in SharePoint libraries.

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    But sometimes users will want to store the information in an external database like SQL. In this module, students will learn:. Workflow logic can be difficult to visualize. Visio to the rescue! You can design flowchart your workflow using workflow tools in Visio and import the results into SharePoint Designer to apply the logic and actions. You can also export your SPD workflows into Visio for a visual representation of the workflow process.

    These can be useful for communication, documentation and redesign purposes.

    No-Code SharePoint Solutions

    It is recommended that students have a minimum of 6 months of full-time experience working with SharePoint as a Power User or IT Pro, before taking this course. Managed Metadata Sync Solution. Free SharePoint Training Videos.


    Free Help and How-To Articles. About Blog Support Contact. Introduction Outline Prerequisites Materials and Labs. Understanding forms as a primary driver of business processes List item forms in SharePoint What are the primary benefits of InfoPath? In this module, you will learn: Getting Started with InfoPath: These solutions are custom developed solutions that are based on a select set of custom components that can be deployed as solutions to a site without having to involve the system administrators.

    Since these sandbox solutions are developed within a very controlled set of standards, these solutions are considered safe to be deployed with a site collection without administrator approval. The biggest and most important thing is to fully understand the issues that the business is trying to address by building the solution. If you miss the mark on this one, it will be hard to recover, no matter how advanced your solution is. In many cases some of the simplest solutions can have the biggest impact. So, the more time you can take understanding the issues, the more likely you will be able to address even the smallest pain points in your solution.

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    Once you understand the scenario you can match the requirements to the tools best fit for providing the solution. And finally, part of being able to successfully build composite solutions is to understand in what scenarios a custom coded solution would make more sense. In many cases this will be a result of complex security, large data sets or complex workflows. Composite solutions are one of the most powerful features of SharePoint, where you are able to pull together the best of many things and combine them all together in a single solution.

    There are limitless opportunities to build composite solutions and each solution can be as unique as your organization needs. To read the first in this series by Jennifer Mason: She is currently working with the team at SharePoint Her focus has been on strategy, planning, governance and best practices for implementing business solutions using SharePoint Technologies. She is the author of "Microsoft SharePoint