Compassion & Codependence (Integral Lifework Series)

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I will help you fulfill your purpose by discovering your natural strengths, so, as stated by Matthew Kelly, you can "become the best version of yourself. I help discouraged children, parents, and adults find hope and solutions. You may be searching for answers for how to help your child struggling with friendships, school, anxiety, anger, grief, life transitions, or self-doubt. You may be seeking direction in your parenting to decrease frustration, heal from conflict, and improve your family relationships. You may be an adult feeling uncertain about your life and what you want, needing tools to manage emotions and find balance, or looking for guidance in life transitions, career, parenthood, or juggling the many roles you fill.

You need a therapist who can help you learn practical ways to get through the difficulties you are facing without having to be in therapy long term. You deserve to feel heard, supported, encouraged and understood while also learning new skills. I have developed a unique and highly efficient approach to counseling that brings relief quickly and efficiently. My ability to provide a safe environment for individuals, families and couples enables patients to gain confidence and feelings of connectedness in the most comfortable, caring, goal-oriented and confidential atmosphere possible.

My therapeutic style includes empathy, compassion, support and humor.

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I provide a warm, caring environment and will collaborate with you to find solutions to your specific life issues. My extensive life experiences enhance my work with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, anger management, adjustment disorders, and divorce. Do you feel like you have done all you can and have not seen any change in your child's behavior? Are your child's behaviors causing, stress, frustration, anxiety? Have you or your child experienced trauma that is impacting your ability to parent?

Has the trauma your child experienced impacted your child's overall functioning? As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 12 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families, I demonstrate a commitment and motivation to serve and instill hope in children, adolescents and families in need. I will walk with you to help you identify purpose, values, and behaviors to live authentically and deliberately. I foster a supportive, interpersonal relationship through which healing takes place, and my holistic approach taps into the body's innate wisdom to promote adaptive responses and facilitate healing.

People continually change while living finite lives, and by choosing to move through discomfort--a normal and healthy response to life's uncertainties--you expand opportunities for growth.

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You decide what you want and we work together to find a way to happier life. I use brainspotting, cognitive and coaching techniques to help you achieve your goals. I specialize in helping them walk through communication issues, anxiety, grief counseling, pre-marital counseling and marriage counseling. I provide counseling from a Christian perspective when requested. I make every effort to provide a warm and honest environment where people are able to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences and work towards healing. Find Treatment Centers in Most couples along the way, however, hit one or many bumps that may leave them questioning their decision to marry and doubting whether a lifetime commitment is truly possible.

At Harmony Counseling, we still believe in marriage.

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In fact, we even believe in miracles. With the proper tools and guidance I will support a journey towards finding your true self and maximizing your full potential. I like to use a variety of tools such as play, art and sandplay therapy. No problem is too big or small. Together we can work to improve your life and the situations that are unsatisfying or painful for you. I provide counseling, coaching, and consulting to help people with being as healthy and happy as possible. I provide support and assistance without judging a person or a situation.

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I believe that everyone has the ability to continually grow and improve but a little counseling or coaching might help make the changes happen. Everyone can use a little extra support sometimes! I offer counseling in a non-judging space where clients are able to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, gain an alternative perspective, and discover new ways of thinking and behaving. If you are in need of support, wanting to change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, or need an empathetic ear waiting to listen, please feel free to contact me.

Our conversations will help you gain more self-awareness, understanding and compassion for yourself while helping you achieve your goals. We also provide an in-clinic experience for those just needing to get out of the chaos and distractions of everyday life to focus on their therapeutic goals. You deserve support and help to heal. I create a safe place for you to create the healthy changes you desire.

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I look forward to meeting you. I also coach and empower counselors, therapists and other helping professionals how to implement their intuitive gifts with clients and to discover the crux of their life work and purpose. Hands on work includes energy meridian tapping EFT and Tong Ren Therapy , point holding, guided inner awareness and access consciousness.

My approach to sensual education and spiritual counseling empowers you to experience your life force energy as your creative and spiritual energy. Jungian analysis is a process of embarking on an inner journey of development and healing.

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  • Most people begin this work due to a life crisis or suffering brought on by loss, trauma, life transition, depression or anxiety. I support you in healing the wounds that interfere with deeper understanding of yourself, and the development of more creativity, satisfaction, and contentment. Over the years I've worked with a diverse population of individuals with a broad range of life's gifts and challenges. My abiding concern in this work is developing an attentive and respectful relationship where a deepening collaboration is possible.

    I will be interested in your current life, your history and memories, your dreams and aspirations. I will also be interested in how your body, it's symptoms and sensations, aches, pains and illnesses speak to us as we carefully listen and attune. Trauma, if unresolved, can have lasting impacts on your brain, body, life goals, relationships and family. Sometimes things get tough. But even in the toughest situations, there is help.

    I strive to create a safe and supportive therapeutic experience, using a strength-focused approach to our work together as you move toward wholeness, stability, and peace. Through an eclectic approach utilizing cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, and family systems-based modalities, I explore current problems within the social, cultural, and environmental context of life experiences and the impact these experiences have on both physical and mental health. I often approach the presenting issue as a symptom and endeavor to assist clients in developing an understanding of the function that problem serves and how to achieve that same function with more desired outcomes.

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    We also have a robust educational Academy that helps our adolescent clients graduate high school and allows for our young adults to re-integrate to college. The Gray Wolf Ranch treatment model for co-occurring substance use and mental illness is based on humanistic therapy theory and practice in both individual and group modalities in a residential setting. I work with individuals and couples to address life transitions, relationship, parenting issues, women's empowerment, and challenges including depression and anxiety.

    I spent two decades working with pregnant and parenting teens, and teaching childbirth education at my local hospital. Is there something blocking your way? Do you know where you want to be? It is my personal mission to help you not only find relief from your emotional pain, but to find better coping skills to use for the rest of your life.

    In our time together, I start with finding your strengths and values which we will use to work towards relief and then happiness. I offer a unique opportunity for people who come to me for counseling to become aware of issues about their relationships with others, and also develop a deeper awareness and appreciation of their world and their place in it When spirituality and hope meet, many say they experience a transformative change.

    No matter where you are in your journey, I offer you an experience in which you will be encouraged to take small steps that can make a huge difference. I welcome you to this journey Despite the sense of overwhelm, I believe that feeling stuck, anxious and unhappy is often an opportunity for growth and change.

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    Relationship issues, anxiety, depression, illness, aging and family problems are all part of life, and I feel fortunate in being able to help people through these issues. He graduated in from James Madison University with a Master's Degree in Counseling and has over 30 years of experience in behavioral health. During his career, he has led innovative family and community based youth treatment programs in Michigan, Washington, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

    I will work with you to integrate conflicting priorities and desires, and to resolve old issues that remain open wounds. As you take more responsibility for yourself, you will find it easier to be more mature, more authentic, and better able to regulate your behavior toward self-enhancement and positive behavior change. Check out my web page at www. Show only women Show only men. Psychiatrists Treatment Centers Support Groups. Not enough Buddhist Therapists to choose from? Try expanding your search for Buddhist Therapists in Port Townsend to a larger area e. Jefferson County , Washington.

    Buddhist Therapists If you're looking for Buddhist therapy in Port Townsend or for a Port Townsend Buddhist therapist these professionals provide therapy, psychotherapy and counseling that's sensitive to Buddhist cultural issues. They include Buddhist therapists, Buddhist psychologists, Buddhist psychotherapists and Buddhist counselors.