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This means using the correct key words and phrases. Almost every musician gets into playing because they enjoy it. People want to listen to new music and they want to know what their friends are listening to. Services like YouTube and Soundcloud as well as all social media enable bands to share media and also embed them onto other websites. Not only should keywords and phrases be used on a website, but also when choosing the titles of all multimedia.

A heavy metal band would not try and market their music towards fans lining up for a Bach recital, therefore any band should identify their target audience quickly — using analytics from social media can help. Promote accordingly especially on social media … and your research will pay off! Show swaps are a great way to meet new people and also introduce your band to potential fans. You can find similar acts on social media and get in touch.

Websites are easy to create by using content management systems like WordPress and Blogger. However, not everyone has an eye for design and in some cases it can be easier to pay for someone to set up a website for you. Fans posting on your website is really great, but musicians must ensure that they have an approval system set up so that comments are not just published immediately.

Your posts will also give your website more relevance and make linking to other websites easy. Collaborating can take different forms, from a single song to a whole EP or album. Keeping social media updated is crucial and allows you interact with your fans as well as keeping them updated. Many bands choose to link up their social media accounts so when they post one message, it is simultaneously posted on others.

Whilst this is great for some things like announcing a new gig, fans will be a lot more responsive if bands make the take the time to post individual messages, ideally including multimedia. People love giving their opinions and getting involved. When ever you release a new song or play a new show, encourage fans to post what they thought on social media.

Similarly to Facebook, using Twitter will enable bands to keep in touch with their fans, as it provides virtually instantaneous interaction. With new technology, producing a short video or selection of videos about your band is easy.

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Musicians can either use their mobile phones, or purchase affordable camera equipment online. In terms of editing software, Mac users can use iMovie and Windows comes with Moviemaker. Tutorial videos on how to shoot and edit professionally are also available on YouTube.

Within one weekend a video can be created, edited and published for all the world to see. This footage can be put together to make mini-films or youtube videos of the band in the studio or on tour. It's important to make sure your music is on these services as well, as they often have a loyal following. When it comes to merchandise, make sure it's available everywhere your fans might look for it - your website, Bandcamp , and Amazon.

7 Music Marketing Truths ALL Musicians Should Know - MTT - Music Think Tank

Why stop at digital? While it's not many, some people do still buy CD's. Consider selling your music, and even your merchandise, in local retail stores in areas where you have a dense fanbase. While YouTube is the largest online video service, uploading your music video to other platforms can help you expand your reach and offer additional music video promotion. Since not as many people upload music videos to less-popular platforms, you have less competition, which increases your odds of getting discovered by music fans, making these less popular platforms great music marketing channels.

Here are some other places you can upload your music video, and how they can help you reach more music fans. This is true, but there are benefits to uploading your music video directly to Facebook. Here are a few:. Vimeo is the artistic cousin of YouTube. Their users are more concerned with quality, while YouTube users often upload fail or cat videos. Vimeo has a more artistic audience than YouTube, so people who come across your video are likely to be impressed a music video with great attention to detail.

This can lead to a higher number of shares if your music video is high quality. DailyMotion is another platform that focuses on quality of videos. Videos here are often categorized, with professional, higher-quality ones being featured.

1. Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

The categorization on DailyMotion makes it really easy for users to browse and discover new videos, which can make it a great source of discovery for your next music video. If someone other than you uploads your music video to these services, you can request that it be taken down. To do this, you will need to prove that you own the rights, so make sure you copyright your music. Restaurants and retail stores play music to enhance the customer experience. If your music matches the style of a local business, see if they'll play your music in their premises.

There are also many services that offer music for business as a subscription, so reaching out to them and pitching your music might provide you with some additional exposure - especially if it leads to your song being played in huge chains with thousands of locations. Additionally, for discovery, add your music to Shazam so the businesses customers can easily identify your song. Social media is a great marketing tool for musicians, however, many musicians use it incorrectly - spamming people with music video links in messages and comments in an attempt to get more followers and likes.

Social media isn't just about getting more Facebook likes for your band - if you want to have success in social media, it's important to treat it as a tool for fan engagement rather than a promotional platform. Don't try to be on every social network. Instead, pick 3 that are best for you based on your fanbase demographics, then move onto the others as you grow. If everything you post on social media is promotional and an attempt to drive sales, people aren't going to care about your posts, and may unfollow you.

To keep followers and drive engagement, it's a good idea to follow the social media rule of thirds:. Follow this rule, and you're more likely to see a highly engaged following, which is what record labels, managers, and booking agents look for when looking at social media stats. Timing is everything on social media.

It's important to understand your fanbase, and know when they use different social networks. The time of day that you post on social media can dramatically affect engagement. So that you can post to different social networks at the best times without sitting at your computer all day, use something like Hootsuite to pre-schedule your social media posts throughout the day.

Your Band Is Using Facebook WRONG - How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, with more than 2. Remember, your goal on social media is to engage with your fans, not constantly post about your music and ask your fans for money. According to this article by Simply Measured, statuses get the most comments, but video gets the most shares. You want to post your music on your Facebook artist page, but consider looking for music related groups within your niche with members that may be interested in looking for new music.

It's not enough to simply post your music video to YouTube; you need to set it up for success with a great title and description. Since YouTube doesn't have a way of analyzing the actual contents of your video, it works off of the text. This article can provide you with some great advice on optimizing your video so it can be found on YouTube more easily.

How to promote your band – 60 quick top tips!

It's also important to effectively promote your music video. Twitter is a great social network for getting your music in front of an entirely new audience. With hashtags, retweets, and even likes, Twitter can expose your music to an interested audience. Instagram is all about beautiful, engaging photos. If you're releasing a new album, this is the place you'll get great feedback on the artwork. Album artwork, band pictures, and even pictures with fans can result in high levels of engagement. Like Instagram, Pinterest is all about images. Creating boards for high quality album art or band member interests can result in a large amount of organic exposure through Pinterest's platform.

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Boards can even show up in Google search results. Reddit is all about becoming an active member of the community without coming off as too promotional. For more details, we've put together a reddit music promotion guide. StumbleUpon can be an amazing source of free traffic for your music videos and social media pages. Users of StumbleUpon identify what they're interested in including music genres , then click a big orange "Stumble" button to discover new content. This is great for musicians, because StumbleUpon users are actively seeking something new.

After you've used StumbleUpon, you can add links with specific tags here. While online music marketing is extremely important in todays digital world, offline music marketing still holds value. If you've accomplished something interesting, or have a unique story, the local media may be interested. In some cases, it's as simple as calling them and seeing if they'd be interested in an interview, but if you're less connected, you may need to write a press release. Check out this guide on writing press releases by HubSpot, with some awesome examples.

Reaching out to music bloggers isn't as hard as you'd think.

3 Marketing Tips for Musicians: Brand Your Band Without Bragging

Unlike mainstream media, you don't need to write press releases. Some bloggers actually prefer that you don't write a press release. If your music is good, you can score a number of reviews for it. Check out these guidelines for improving the efficiency of your outreach efforts. If radio stations in an area near an upcoming show are already playing your music, they may be interested in an interview. This can result in increased awareness for your show and your music. Crowdfunding doesn't just provide a way for you to fund your next album - it also provides you with exposure to the crowdfunding platform's audience.

When choosing between Kickstarter and Indiegogo as your crowdfunding platform, it's important to consider the size of the audience, and the number of similar projects. Whichever platform you choose, you're bound to get a good amount of exposure for your music simply by being a part of the platform. Basic rewards like downloads of your album are good, but don't be afraid to get crazy with your offers. Let people donate enough for you to fly out to see them for a private show, or even fly them to your album release show.

One big donation can make a huge difference in how quickly you're able to raise the money. Why are you raising money for this release?

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Good luck to all of us! Great and universal truths, it is important to get other people involved in promoting your stuff, thumbs up for this article! Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Enter your email address: Friday - Dallas Riley on Fortunate Musician: Shaun Letang 15 Comments Print Article. Music Marketing Is All About Raising Awareness A lot of musicians when starting out feel like if they make their music good enough, they will get noticed.

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