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However I am sincere and serious. Because of the fact they filed the foreclosure, I had to once again pay an attorney to file another bankruptcy so there was a stay BOA has some seriously bogus fees that they tacked on, I have been disputing them for 6 years with no avail. They also stated that a payoff was mailed to me, wow is it coming from the Antarctic. These professionals were heaven sent to me.

I was completely overwhelmed by their effort to give me an outstanding rate for my loan and explained the refinancing process and guided me through it. Everyone in the office was highly professional and extremely detail-oriented. They made sure that nothing fell through the cracks. They even got me a better interest rate than the bank itself, was offering!

During this time we were in debt consolidation due to BOA not working with us! Our debt consolidation was over July 21st We were discharged Carrington signed off on the debt said it was paid in full. Never have received a bill or monthly statement. I said we were in debt consolidation you had gotten the money that was owed. Got a different story every time I called. In September I had signed for a package from Carrington. It was a letter to intent to foreclose on our house. Told them this is wrong and not right. They gave me a foreclosure date of October 24th I told Carrington they needed to review of our total account and that they needed to make the correct changes to our account… I was told that takes 30 days.

They got the letter and mortgage payment for Sept and Oct on Oct 5th. They never put it into the system until October 18th so that gave them until November 18th During that time we hired a lawyer because Carrington was breaking the law of a bankruptcy.

Our attorney said they broke several laws and that there are in contempt of the bankruptcy court. The week of November 18th we received a letter from Carrington mortgage stating they needed more time to complete their review, they wanted another 15 days to review our records. In the meantime our attorney had sent a letter to Carrington and the bankruptcy courts and to Carrington Mortgages attorney. Our attorney had our mortgage payments. He sent them to the Carrington Mortgage and they cashed the check. December 6th we get a package from Carrington, my heart sank. I sat on my couch for 30 minutes before I opened it, it stated that they were sorry and that they had screwed up that it was gonna take time to correct the changes.

In the meantime Carrington reported we were over days past due on our mortgage to the credit bureaus 4 of them to be exact and that it could take 60 to 90 days for that to be fixed. What do you do? I have no choice but to mail my mortgage payment in at this point. This is all still being straightened out at this time…. My experience with Carrington is not good.

The UGLY Truth About HAMP, and Trial Loan modifications (mods)

I have been cursed and told to pay bills, hung up on multiple times during the time they have had our mortgage. I do not recommend this company. Thank you BOA from going from one horrific experience to another. Customer service chat line are illiterate people, who can't type a English sentence correctly and customer service as well as supervisors are useless. Carrington connects lists properties and makes prospective buyers get prequalified through Carrington Mortgage Services by phone in order to put a property in contract. Carrington expects a buyer to pay all closing costs including realtors.

There are high loan fees and higher than normal interest rates. Loan officers are in California or Connecticut. It is an unpleasant, painstaking experience. We did not get a bill or any information on where to send the payment, so I called Carrington and spoke with a representative there who told me that for new customers our first payment would not be due for 60days January. I said, "That's great, I would like my escrow redone since it was wrong". She said that would take about 2wks. I did not pay my November payment. I put the money into the heating for winter only to get a call from Carrington that I am now 30 days late.

And my escrow would be done in 60 days. Now I owe two payments which I do not have and they are sorry for the miscommunication. No help or responsibility on their part. It's all my problem. I was told that a Supervisor would review it and call me back 2wks later.

The only call I got was looking for my November and now my December payment and they had has no information on any Supervisor calling me back. Just once again sorry for the miscommunication and when will you be making your payment. Time for a new Mortgage Company, Go elsewhere!! A million thanks to Eileen, who worked a miracle for my entire family! My other mortgage company ripped us off and we had big problems with them.

I called Carrington Mortgage for help and they sent us to Eileen who was super professional and provided us help that money can't buy. She guided us and explained everything in clear detail, questions were all answered and directions were clear, without her, I can't imagine we would have gotten this loan. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to get a loan without headaches.

Robert at Carrington Mortgage helped us purchased our new home. He was extremely detailed and very knowledgeable. All our doubts were gone, he answered every question we had in a timely manner and were very friendly throughout the process. We highly recommend him and their services. Done this for the first time, and thanks to Carrington for sending me an incredible team to take care of everything to me. I'm a first time home buyer and every single thing was new to me, The team took time to let me understand every step in detail and it was done in a very comprehensive manner.

They have laid options and what I should expect cleared all my questions and put me at ease all throughout the complexity of the process. Indeed, the whole process of purchasing my home was absolutely seamless due to this team. I am so impressed by how professional and personable they are. We've got a few people from this company worked with our home refinancing, and we could not be happier.

The entire process, from the time I reached out to them until the documents were signed, was seamless. The team walked us through every step of the process and made our experience very pleasant. They helped us chose our best option! Aside from the many emails sent to us and needs to reply, we didn't run into any annoyances the entire time.

For me, that was truly an exceptional customer service; we were given exactly what we were looking for; a great rate with a better term. This entire process would have most definitely been more painful if we had not worked with them. Working with Robert of Carrington Mortgage was a breeze. Robert was recommended to by a friend after knowing my intention of purchasing a home. I knew the process could have been a headache, but thanks to Robert of Carrington Mortgage for the wonderful service being rendered to me. He helped me with all the papers and other important document to get ready and speed up the process and the whole process was very transparent; all questions were answered with clear explanations.

I've never felt more comfortable with a big purchase and I was able to get an awesome interest rate. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. I have worked with Eileen at Carrington Mortgage and I would be very happy to definitely recommend her and the company. I love the fact that I'm working with dependable people, as opposed to some giant bank. This company has the most reliable people for any mortgage transactions, and Eileen is one of them, she has always been incredibly fast and responsive to my needs and truly values my satisfaction.

They connect to other local title companies which can really speed up the closing process. I've always felt confident that I'm getting a good rate, and I feel like I can trust them to work on my behalf. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. To see why, sign up below! Anna was supportive, understanding, knowledgeable and most importantly, an invaluable advocate. Anna, thank you for all your support, you were correct in telling me not to give up! I was denied for loan mod. The company that services my loan is America Home Home Mortgage.

I am under so much stress right now and dont now what to do. So , what can i do now , what is my next step to fix my problem so i wont lose my house? Hello Robert from this post: I would suggest that you escalate this to the Executive Office at Bank of America — detail everything that you have been through — did they say who your investor is?? Take a deep breath — things can change rapidly — and if God is with you WHO then can possibly be against you —. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Servicer has never sent anything in writing to state reasons why. Foreclosure Settlement Conference May 24th want to have letter mailed out over the weekend. Can you please help me figure my numbers for submission in my appeal letter. What do you need from me. Please note my sister and I own the home she does not live in the home. Do I combine her income with mine. I have been doing the modification only on my income.

Needs clarity on this. Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.


I am having a hard time holding back the tears for a couple of reasons. One, the uplifting scriptures you provide are exactly what I am in need of at this very moment. I am a spirit filled believer and have been researching all night to better educate myself regarding my options.

Anna, last year I was laid off from work, 5 days prior to my last day on the job, my wife of 13 years and mother of my 4 children was diagnosed with cancer. She has undergone multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. Now I know God has shown my family great favor through this storm. I have personally experienced miracles, and seen his amazing grace manifest in every area of my life. Present day finds my wife recovering and back on her feet, she is self employed as a accountant.

However, I was the bread winner and now only collect umemployment. I have also started a home health company but have yet to earn any income last week I was awarded my state license. I fully trust God, I just need a comprehensive step by step approach on what to do next.

Last year I began working with a 3rd party to help me with the modification process, and continue to speak with them. Saxon is the mortage company I am dealing with. Please just pour all your knowledge into this for me. I also had cancer, ovarian cancer diagnosed last mothers day — in remission. I have a new sense about what life is really about and I just run in the flow of what he wants me to do, that is how this site was born. I am a mother of 5. God has big plans for us all and I think he is moving you to great new heights that you may have not moved into had all those other things not happened, and people are waiting for you to show up in your new endeavor, people need you!!!!

Because you are a Miracle —. You need to get out all of the details of your loan and figure out why your were denied, I know it seems like the end of the road but its NOT — you can do this and accept the time you have been given as a gift, a gift to be able to get your ART out to the world. I am here for you. Get your details together and post them so that together we help others calculate too!

You can do this, fix the issues and resubmit, you can get it done. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Can you find out what you got and why — are you currently behind? Hopefully this will give you some info — let me know if you have other questions. Your support and suggestions have helped us receive a loan modification agreement with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Our loan is an FHA loan. We returned the current loan mod agreement along with a check for all late fees and recoverable expenses.

We sent the late fee payment with the signed agreement so as not to slow down our modification yet we questioned why the late fees were not being waived. The Office of the President informed us it would go toward principal. The person we are dealing directly with in the presidential office suddenly tells us to call loss and mitigation to get details, as if he no longer wants to help. It is so upsetting. We feel like we are close to having finalizations then we go right back to being told call the loss and mitigation call center and we are practically starting all over.

Yesterday I phoned loss and mitigation for an update and they asked if we ever returned our agreement! Oh my, we returned it weeks and were told at that time by Matthew Turk the Office of the President of WF we could have papers in a few weeks.

Testimonials about Anna Cuevas, The Loan Mod Guru | ASK A LOAN MOD GURU

When we phone him; he says to call the loss and litigation department. I am scared they are not going to finalize our modification. Is there something else I should be doing to get that final paper work saying YES our loan is modified? Please tell me what you think of this. I am so grateful for your input. All Glory be to God that you got that far!! What you need to do now is put everything that is happening now onto a letter Just detail what has happened and that you want the payment you sent credited to the actual monthly payments you need to make.

Detail the lack of communication and how you are feeling about your current treatment — or in all fairness you could address it to Matthew Turk and ask him to escalate it for you because this is how you are feeling after you were thrilled with his help you are left feeling just as helpless as before in a time when you should be happy with the approval. Say a little prayer to the Holy Spirit before you write the letter — for you and for him.

I am sure he will help you, remember their workload is HUGE — I would start there — Let us know how this goes -I am sure you have his fax number right? Then if not move to the next step and send it to the Written Department to escalate again to the Executive Team — after you get the letter to him first to give him an opportunity to make your customer experience right again. Thanks for your response. We made payments and after that they denied our application and scheduled a trustees sale in Mar 10, How can I start reqeusting for them to re-calculate in order for us to get a better deal than this.

I am afraid that if we start paying, then later on they will deny it again, we would end up hanging in the air and this is so stressful. I am confused what is going on. They say we were denied, then next approved for trial. Out first payment for this new Trial period is on Juny 1st and before that we really need to do something because they might forclose our property. I am sorry you are going through all of this, it is pretty normal for Chase — I need to know the details of your gross income, of your value, of your balance — monthly property taxes and insurance to be able to tell you more or less what the issues are — did they offer you the HAMP or?

Remember that God is amazing and he is working on something for you — it takes a little time and patience and persistence sometimes. Lets start with your details and we can go from there. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Dear Amabel, sorry your post was lost in here. I just found it. This is the reason your payment is what it is:. Is your income less than gross per month? When is your sale date? You said your 1st trial payment is due on July 1? I am here right now if you have another question. They just also said that our file is being handled by the Imminent Default Department.

Why are they going back and forth to these departments? I really need your help. We cannot afford this monthly payment.

Can anyone give me advice about the NACA.COM program? Is this a legit program for buying a home?

We really need a lower amount. Is there other debt that you can try to get rid of? The plan they put you on sounds very close to the Obama plan and may be the CHAMP in-house look alike program that Chase has, they do need to tell you if you were declined for HAMP but like I said you are being offered a look alike based off of the numbers you sent me.

I would not worry too much about the departments this is a large bank and they only do certain things under certain perimeters in each department. We need to worry more about whether or not is your current gross income and if not then you need to let them know that you need to resubmit for HAMP —. Thanks for your responses. Sorry for being impatient sometimes but I am just eager to hear from you. He instructed me to send back the letter they send us for the trial modification and should include a letter from us asking for rework.

He wants me to submit a whole new packet agin. Before doing anything, I just want your opinion on this. Plus we have bills like 2 car payments, utilities, etc. Please guide me to the right process. Dear Amabel, I have not seen any principal reductions coming out of Chase. Principal reductions are such a small percentage of the population, I hope this changes soon there are so many people upside down with their value.

So, should I request for re-consideration for HAMP since our income is lower than the figure they used? Hello Amabel, Yes, definitely request reconsideration — I would send in an updated application with the income documents, to make sure they got it! Please let us know your progress, I am here for you!!! Click here to learn more. Will this affect our request for reconsideration? Is it better to have some money in the bank or just enough or even negative?

Sorry for being unpatient again but I am really running out of time. Is this a good thing or a bad thing. Thanks a lot for your patience and willingness to share your expertise. Hello Amabel, Ok 9k in savings is not a good thing for the lender. Just enough is better. I always try to get my clients to cut their household expenses as much as possible to remain slightly positive to be in a sweet spot.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Thanks again for your advice. Our saving is tied up with our checking account for overdraft protection. We only have one Bank account.

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I am concerned that they will see in the statement about the huge withdrawal. What can you suggest for me to do? Another question is should I make a little positive on the total of expenses? How soon do you have to reapply? Maybe have another account? I am worried that you are not responding to my post. I am really so anxious to know what you think I should do since that payment date is fast approaching.

Words cannot express my love and gratitude for you! I started to cry when the Executive Response executive gave me the news. My new payment is half my previous payment! You have played a huge part in changing the quality of my life. You are an angel.

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I encourage anyone reading this post and feeling in despair to email you for help. You really are a God-fearing woman and doing his work is your only motivation. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across your website. Even after I got 5 certified letters saying my house was going to foreclosure…you gave me the courage to fight, fight, fight! I am sooooo excited I cannot even type!

Be sure to spend some time with God and in gratitude for his amazing Glory. AP I would love for you to write a little article for us to post about your journey of hope and inspiration. I am sure that you can see now what the lessons were along the way, and I bet you are a stronger person today. Hi Jane, Thank you for the nice thank you All glory be to God! With Indymac keep fighting fighting fighting, know your numbers inside and out and you can win this fight. I would need to have property value, mortgage balance and monthly prop tax and insurance amounts to be able to assist you correctly.

There were a lot of tips you showed me that made all the difference. I will post soon.

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You are such a gift from God to me and my family. It just takes faith and the courage to fight, fight, fight. God bless my friend. Hi Anna, I want to first thank you for using your gifts and talents in supporting so many and uplifting us with scripture! I recently applied for a loan modification and wish now I read all your articles before doing so…they are so informative. I feel like our debt to income ratio is pretty high.

If you can please let me know what you think. We are ready to fight the good fight. My lender is IndyMac. Once again the scripture you replied with is uplifting and reminds me of His promises and all He can do when we think it is impossible. Here is the info you asked for: I had a forbearance and now am making a new attempt with a new dedicated rep and direct access to negotiator. I want to be at the best advantage this time around, too much at stake. I hope that everyone that is confused, frustrated, and feeling like your tunnel is dark and the light never gets closer could get some motivation from my story.

My husband and I had been working with Bank of America to see if we could qualify for a HAMP loan modification loan for 4 months, after waiting for 30 days for our package in the mail, we never received anything and our sale date started approching us. We got so scared that we seeked to a company that did modifications.

When we met with that company we felt better because we were told we qualified and that they would take care of everything. I left happy that day because I felt like everything was going to be fine. They did modifications for a living so they knew exactly what they were doing. On July 6 at The Companies reaction to me crying and feeling helpless and lost was, We just called the guy helping your file and he said for you to go home and that he could meet with you tomorrow. I wanted to scream, and I felt like I went from being a customer to becoming a problem to them. When they the mod company spoke to us there words were not assuring.

I wanted to just move out of my house and stay at an apartment and avoid all of the uneasy feeling i was feeling being at what was my home. After seeing my kids, I knew I had to fight for my house and that I was going to go against all odds and get my home back for my family. I searched the internet day and night emailed Lawyers, emailed companies, people that were going through the same as me and companies that had information regarding what I was going through.

After days of searching and emailing, I got an email from Anna Cuevas, She said she could help me. Anna was a true Blessing, She went out of her to answer any questions and she explained every process and she sent me references on people that she had helped. She helped us and truly cared about what were going through. Not only did she email me or text me but, she understood my feelings. There are not many companies out there willing to help and truly work hard for a customer. Like I said I called many companies all over the US and noone called me back.

No one took the time to assure us that they were real. On July 16 Anna gave us the news that our HOME was ours and that we were to receive our update paper work from the bank by fed-ex. She is a truly Angel. The next day bright and early we received our paper work and we got the confirmation. So against all odds, against everyone that said it could NOT happen Anna made it happen. She was miles and miles away from us but, the whole time we were working with her , it seemed her office was just next door.

Today she has given my family peace, joy, and Blessings. From my Family to Yours! This program is based on net income and we were turned down for insufficent income after 6 months. I am getting ready to send package and I wanted to run my numbers by you. Do we qualify based on these figures. The guideline states they can do this but …. Again, you look pretty good and the other payments do not really count for the HAMP loan modification.

I hope this helps you!! I was also told that I could prepare it myself but if I was denied I had to wait 6 months to reapply. Ok take a deep breath -You can do this! I will guide you.. Are you on a trial only? Have you made all of your payments? Ok do you know if you qualify for sure for HAMP — have you read the articles on this site and gone over your numbers forward and backwards?? This is important so you know where you stand — then I want you to call in and tell them that you want to make sure they have requested a postponement of your foreclosure sale date.

Take names, department, time and if you have to escalate it to a manager. Please let me know what happens. O Holy Spirit of God, abide with us; inspire all our thoughts; pervade our imaginations; suggest all our decisions; order all our doings. Be with us in our silence and in our speech, in our haste and in our leisure, in company and in solitude, in the freshness of the morning and in the weariness of the evening; and give us grace at all times humbly to rejoice in Thy mysterious companionship.

What should be included in this line? CA Please let me know what you think and if we have a chance. I am so sorry to hear about all of your problems with Wachovia — Is the income on the negative NPV the same income you submitted to the lender? What is the property value on the NPV sheet? Hello Anna, I have been so strengthened by your words of encouragement. I have visited a lot of sites, but never one, such as yours. Trying to get loan modified since We went through a hud counselor, they submitted all paperwork and I sent in our copies as well. Since my senator has been involved, B of A has started calling to harass and initmidate us about never being late, and always current.

My husband was laid off October , and has not found a job. We have a rental property that pays for our ARM loan on the property. Do you think we qualify? I know all things are possible with God. Can you provide the waterfall or calculator that is used for HAMP? I am so glad that you have found strength on these pages, knowing this makes this so worthwhile to me.

Ki stay on it and keep fighting back. Read the articles about how to work the numbers, this should give you a good indication of what the bank will see — and if you still need help to figure out what the bank will see I offer a low cost Do It Yourself system The Loan Mod Guru which helps you see the numbers the bank sees — the HAMP calculator is here. Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. We have now been told that all of our paperwork has been received. We have a rental property that pays for our ARM loan on the rental property.

I pray steadfastly that we are given a permanent loan modification, under the unemployment program, or any other program. Dear Anna, I cannot tell you what your words of wisdom have done for me during these trying times. I will be most grateful for your advice. We have been denied due to: Our numbers are as follows: Gross Income — Should I rent a room to show more income? What is your advice? In reference to NPV what is the property value has to be at. What I dont understand is what the property value has to be at.

Does the home have to be under water? Does the home owner have to be behind with their mortgage? What is the secret? Words cannot describe what Anna Cuevas did for me and my situation! I like many good Americans was a casualty of the recession which hit the good ole USA in I was a mortgage loan officer for a bank who always paid his bills on time.

Then when the roof caved in and I did not get a paycheck for 6 months even though I was still working. All of the mortgages that I was working on collapsed as all of my customers were feeling the results of our economy! All of my hard work went down the tubes and their was no compensation and my situation just spiraled downward!

I contacted my lender relentlessly trying to modify my mortgage! I was confident with my expertise in the mortgage industry that I could rectify my situation and lord knows I gave it everything I had, but I was swimming up stream and going under fast with foreclosure breathing down my neck. I had a good feeling about Anna and her claims that she could help me! Anna Cuevas was better than advertised!

She was genuine, knowledgeable and willing to listen and advise me on my situation with confidence and concern which was very much welcome after getting my fanny kicked for two years. After pulling the trigger and putting my fate in her hands the results were astounding and quick!. Her format and contact information for my lender was dead on! I got a response in no time and before you knew it I was offered a loan modification! The cost for this service was well worth it and to be honest I would have paid double!

My gut told me that Anna was different! Her sincerity was unique and genuine and when she says she enjoys helping people this is from her heart and I can tell you first hand that there is no hidden agenda here! If you need help then stop worrying and pull the trigger and thank your lucky stars that you have found Anna Cuevas. Thanks and bless you for being in this fight….. Ana we been deneid loan mod by AHMSI twice, the reason is as the servicer does not have appropriate constractual authority or any required consent from the owner of the loan to agree to the modification,we are behind on our payment for many months,is their any hope to save our home?

I was recenlty denied a hamp loan modif. Can they do this. I had to get an atty to file for bankruptcy did not follow thru just to stop the sale. I am so sorry to hear about the loan modification denial. If your loan modifcation was denied then they will want to rush to foreclose even though the guideline states that they are to give you 30 days to appeal the decision. Thank you for responding so promptly. Bank of America gave us a Forbearance to get caught up on our payments, my husband been out of work off and on for the past 3 yrs. Our first payment was April 1 st for We paid on time and now its April 10 and bank of America sent it back..

After 27 years of marriage and lost everything except my son and my home. I just began loan modification with my bank HSBC and submitted all documents they requested, every time I call they need a different document, but like you have stated ask and you shall receive. I had to move my son for my safety because of my ex husband. I did not include this money as part of income, but HSBC asked me for documentation and I send it in.

Please pray for me and send me inspirational messages from the bible, that has been my only resting place lately. Thank you in advance, struggling to stay afloat. My dearest Annie, Thank you again for the kind words- if I could bring just a little bit of comfort to 1 person such as you, I am completely humbled to know that I could make a difference in a life- all glory be to God. I am so sorry that you have gone through so many difficult things.. Of this I am sure!!! Here is something that helps me every single time:. I am going to reveal to you a secret of sanctity and happiness. For five minutes every day quiet your imagination, close your eyes to everything visible and your ears to all external sounds and withdraw into the sanctuary of your baptized soul which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

There, speak to the Holy Spirit and say:. Enlighten guide, strengthen and console me. Tell me what I ought to do and command me to do it. I promise to submit to everything that you ask of me and to accept all that you allow to happen to me. Just show me what is your will. I did answer your other post but I think you gave me your net income vs gross on the other post.

Thank you for responding so quick. For two years, my Lord has been carrying me no strength of my own. You have just inspired me to listen to the Holy spirit. No matter what I have lost, nothing is before my Lord. Do you need any financial information from me, I have never handled this type of bank information before. Thank you so much for truly doing the Lords work. Many blessings your way. I have always held on to Isaiah God Bless you and you have inspired me tremendously and for that I am greatful. The arguments here used are for our encouragement to cast our care upon God, which is the right way to get ease.

I heard this song today and I thought this might speak to you this am like it spoke to me http: Total monthly mortgage is Home value currently is Yearly salary 60,, Monthly then is , Take home is Credit card monthly Then there is utilities, groceries, transportation, home repair etc. I have taken a proactive step and applied for loan modification from HSBC. Submitted all documents asked of me.

I do get for my son child support, but I give this amount to my sister to care for my son, while I figure out what to do. Thank you so much for your guidance. Past two years I have been struggling, yet amazingly God carries me. She said that the reason we did not get our paym lowered or int rate lowered was due to the ARM we had—something about it being a large amount that had to be added on or caught up with.

I told her it puts us back where we were before—not being able to afford the payments. I left a message with the negotiator to call me to discuss. I asked if we could reapply for hamp and she said no. Is this something I want to pursue or leave it alone. The only good thing…this loan modif is fixed rather than ARM. Paid a so called expert at loan modif and this is what it got me. I answered you earlier. Be ready to have your discharge papers, as well as proof that the house you foreclosed on was sold etc.

That's what I had to do IT is a LOONG and tedious process, make sure you dont have to move out any time soon, because you may be in your current home for a year or more with this process. Tue May 18, I followed NACA's guidelines by submitting all of the documentation requested as well as attend the workshop. NACA kept their promises with me. When I signed up for the telephone counseling session, they called exactly when they said they would. My original loan was an adjustable that adjusted every 6 months and up to 9.

I am completely satisfied with my experience and I am spreading the word to my friends and family. There on thousands of people seeking NACA services and it is understandable that the process takes time or that there is a wait if you call them. I was patient and my patience paid off. You must be diligent and not give up. Check their website regularly for the status of your case and help them to help you.

You cannot expect to get something for nothing. Right on, people wants to say bad things about NACA, first look in the mirror and check your Own attitude. Mon Oct 23, While NACA doesn't make the loan directly, they work with a number of participating lenders to help homebuyers secure the necessary financing for buying their primary residence with no down payment and no closing costs. Wed Jul 19, I'm doing my research now before I start.

Just went to the first workshop on July 8th in Oakland area. So I guess depending on who is working with you will determine your experience. Naca requires volunteers which means they are pushed to help out without any real education. So if you get somebody who isn't getting compensated they can careless giving you a hard time. That is what I am assuming from reading all of this. I want a well qualified and pleasant counselor to work with and help me understand and get through this.

And to have headaches for how many more months or years. You will see it is worth it. I went in on January 1, and went through them scanning my paperwork four times I done everything that was ask of me and I was happy iclose on my home march19, and I had nothing but good professional service.

Fri Jan 24, Yes, they can help you maybe. I just want to say that I would not send my worst enemy to them. No matter how much I hated them. They will not return emails or phone calls. If the counselor sets a appointment with you for say They will ask you to send the very same paper work maybe 5 or 6 times.

They are not professional at all. If you have a question they tell you that they have clients and you need to schedule an appointment to talk to them, but don't forget whatever time the appointment is they may have you sit at home and maybe call 2 hours later. I could go on and on about them. Damn, Im scheduled for a July's appointment and I'm so happy that I decided to search out this organizations reputation.

My gut was signaling some not so good vibes coming from the speaker during their homeowner seminar. Okay if it sounds too good to be true then it must not be ligitt. Wed Aug 28, I am in the process of purchasing my first home with NACA.

How Does an Award Winning Ex-Bank Executive Turn into America’s Loan Modification Guru?

I do not have any complaints on the program or the process. I realize that the timing of my process was based on my record keeping. My realtor had prior experience with NACA but was not referred by them. I found her on Angies's list. She has had 4 prior experiences representing NACA buyers and spoke highly of the program. I think there are bad apples or employees in each bunch but I would not allow that to cause me to avoid the program. Visit the site to To have Personal Insurance in California. Kelli Glover , , Cleveland, OH. Tue Feb 23, I wanted to put this infromation out about NACA.

I keep in regular contact with my buyer who purchased through NACA and she is still very happy with her purchase. Your Realtor needs to know the process I went to so many of the Homebuyer workshops that I could give their workshop without hesitation and sometimes better than those who worked for them. Anytime I had a client going to a workshop I attended. They treat everyone the same. I have seen it first hand.

Our home closed in 45 days which is not bad at all. It was not easy because NACA's requirements were outrageous but I was committed to service for my buyer. Again it is all in who you have lobbying for you. Find the right Realtor who is an advocate first in their own lives then they will know how to advocate for you! I wish you success in your search and all others wishing to use NACA. Should you have any questions specifically about their processes you can contact me at any time at Expert Customer Service, Proven Results!

A , , Los Angeles, CA. Wed Sep 30, My husband and I were losing our home Sun Mar 25, Working with NACA has been amazing. I began the process in December of and then traveled to a 4 day seminar where i was able to be approved in two days. If NACA is available in a state near you and you are interested in becoming a homeowner, please,please, please check them out!

Thu Jan 4, We bought our first home seven years ago with the help of Naca and have never seen a lower rate since ours was 2. Tue Aug 29, Yes it is they really helped me get a home modification. Find out when they will be in your town. I was there waiting for 14 hours. But it was truly worth it Mon Jan 18, NACA is a very legitimate organization. They do more than home loans they are an advocacy group. I have two escrows going with NACA right now. If you would like to talk more about it please call me at , Thanks, Bonnie Goodpasture.

I would like to contact you about naca and possibly having my app go through. Is it ok to call you at your number? Mon Jan 4, Yes, need to show 12 months worth of checks or your landlord cam fill out a VOR. Unhappy , , Atlanta, GA. Wed Jun 30, Unfortunately, my story is different. I missed the show in my hometown then I had to do everything online. I finally got all my documents submitted and it still to a few months to contact who I thought was my lender BOA which after NACA reached them they only represented what I didn't know was a private investor and BOA was just the middle man.

I just ended my process with NACA due to the fact they wasnt able to get anything resolved. Im at a point now of not knowing what is next. Sat Apr 24, Litchfield Sandt Some banks are more willing than others to give modifications to its mortgage holders. NACA can't guarantee anyone will be accepted for a modification of their current loan. They do try which is more than I can say for other organizations NACA is not a miracle worker and now that word has gotten out about their service there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who want to get their help.

There are other organziations out there in your city to help just like NACA does if a person doesn't like NACA then they can find another organization to help them. It will involve looking on the internet and searching for them. If you go elsewhere you will make room for the other thousands of persons who would stand in line for days to try and see if NACA can help them. It is beautiful when they can help and tragic when they can't but we have to understand that they ARE trying to help.

Everyone's situation is different and each situation is considered. These mortgage lenders who NACA is trying to get to modify these loans are entities in themselves and have their own set of rules and challenges to overcome Maybe looking at some other organizations in your area would help you attain the modification you so desire You can call me at if you would like some help trying to see whether we can talk with a Home Counselor in your city to see what they are doing to try and help you get the modification you need.

Lucretia Dewberry , Renter, We are looking for one legit in the area. Wed Apr 21, I lost my job Feb and called them numerous times only to get no return phone calls.

714 Carrington Mortgage Services Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I attended some seminars and was promised that someone will call me back, but no one ever did. I sent emails which were ignored. I was given names and numbers, only for them to blame the bank and say it's the bank's fault because they did not notify NACA of my being late on my mortgage. The agent from the MAPPS Dept tells me that the bank can't foreclosure on me or send a letter of foreclosure without contacting her.

She told me to ignore the phone calls and not to worry that I will not lose my home.. I have had no help. My rep is ignoring my emails. I"m about to lose my home because there are idiots working on both sides, NACA and the bank. Looks to me like NACA is in breeach of contract. They have the nerve to to picket the bank's CEO's homes but yet they are just as bad if not worse. Take membership money and hang us out to dry.

I'm a single mom.. If you're up for high blod pressure and anxiety attacks, go with NACA, otherwise, save your sanity and try to find other first time home buyers assistance programs. Yes, they help people, but at the same time they screw many others. They're just as bad as the banks. Mon Dec 14, They are not helpful. They will have you going on and on for months. I tried to fix my morgage they told me that they did have an answer from my lender with in a day. I have been on the process for 11 months and they just told me that the case was close.

NACA told me that the bank send me the documents with a modification for my loan for me to sign and that I never send them the documents back. NACA said it was nothing they could do so they close the case. I did everything they ask for I even voluntered on their programs.

They said that because I was giving my time to them now I was a VIP very important person and that my case will receive priority. I was on the phone many times waiting for more than 3 hours trying to get answers for my case every single time a different person answered not knowing what was going on. Some of them were very nasty. Fri Sep 14, Hello dear reader, I want to tell the general forum and those in need for any kind of loan, Here is a reliable and cooperative loan firm McKenzie Loan Firm A loan firm well known across the globe.

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