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Our data suggest a potential role for HSP and dietary peptides in this process. A definitive relationship between infections, dietary peptides, and autism has not been established. The present study was designed to identify epitopes from HSPs and gliadin that could bind to aminopeptidases in tissues and on lymphocyte receptors, resulting in autoantibody production and possible autoimmunity in autism. Blood samples from 50 subjects 33 males and 17 females , 3 to 14 years of age mean of 7.

Samples were excluded if their medical histories included head injury, evidence of gliomas, failure to thrive, and other known factors that may contribute to abnormal development. For comparison, serum samples from 50 healthy controls 25 children age 3 to 14 years and 25 adults age 36 to 75 years with negative ANA titers and no known autoimmune diseases were included.

The test requests were properly documented and kept in a confidential file. All persons gave their informed consent and allowed inclusion of their data in this report without disclosure of their identity. These polyclonal antibodies were purified by affinity chromatography on protein A-Sepharose Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA was used for testing antibodies against different antigens in the sera of patients with autism and autoimmune disease and with control subjects.

Antigens and peptides were dissolved in methanol at a concentration of 1. The nonspecific binding of immunoglobulins Igs was prevented by adding a mixture of 1. Plates were washed as described above, and then serum samples diluted 1: The optical density was read at nm OD with a microtiter reader. To detect nonspecific binding, several control wells contained all reagents except human serum or wells were coated with different tissue antigens and other reagents were used. Two sera from healthy controls with low levels of antibodies to DPP IV, gliadin, and HSP peptides, two sera from patients with autoimmune disease; and two sera from autistic children with known high titers of antibodies were used to construct standard control curves.

These sera were diluted 1: At dilutions of 1: Hence, antibody detection in autistic and autoimmune sera was performed at 1: The supernatant was used for measuring antibody levels and comparing the ELISA OD of unabsorbed and absorbed sera with nonspecific and specific antigens. SK, gliadin, and HSP were then added. The concentration of bound rabbit antibodies was determined as described above but with alkaline phosphatase-labeled anti-rabbit IgG and not anti-human Igs. DPP IV enzyme activity was measured with 0.

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The hydrolysis of the substrate was monitored at nm 8. The main objective of our data analysis was to examine the differences between the levels of IgG, IgM, and IgA antibodies among four groups children with no conditions, adults with no conditions, children with autism, and adult patients with autoimmune disease against anti-DPP IV autoantibody levels, anti-DPP I antibody levels, anti-aminopeptidase N CD13 autoantibody levels, and antigliadin and HSP peptide autoantibody levels.

IgG, IgM, and IgA are considered three dependent variables, with one factor variable that divides our sample into the four groups mentioned above. The general linear model GLM for Windows Using Hotelling's trace, the exact F statistics are provided. The GLM multivariate procedure provides analysis of variance for multiple dependent variables by one or more factor variables.

The factor variables divide the population into various groupings of a joint distribution of dependent variables. The Bonferroni test, based on Student's t statistic, adjusts the observed significance level for the fact that multiple comparisons are made. GLM multivariate tests , including Hotelling's trace value, exact F statistic, and hypothesis degree of freedom a. The OD for IgG antibody values obtained with 1: The corresponding IgG OD values from autistic children and patients with autoimmune disease sera were 0.

At a cutoff value of 0. These serum IgM antibodies were significantly higher in patients than in controls. For IgG and IgA, the autism and autoimmune groups are also alike. However, for IgM, a significant difference between the autoimmune and autism groups was detected. Overall, the autism and autoimmune groups are statistically different compared to control groups. Yet a significant difference was detected between the control groups and the autism and autoimmune groups.

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According to the data for anti-CD13 IgM, no differences between the four groups were detected. Antibodies for controls were 0. Similarly, the autism and autoimmune groups are identical, yet the control groups are different compared with the autism and autoimmune groups. However, for IgG, no similarity between the autoimmune groups and other groups autism and controls was detected. The autism and control groups are similar to but different from those of the autoimmune group. For IgM, no differences between the autism group and control adults were observed, but the autism group was statistically different compared with control children.

For examination of possible involvement of gliadin and HSP peptides in the production of autoantibodies to different peptidases, calculations of the simultaneous elevation in these antibodies in patients' sera were made see Fig. This inhibition of antibodies by different antigens varied among samples and IgG versus IgA. Level of anti-DPP IV antibodies in serum and inhibition after absorption with different specific and nonspecific antigens a. Immunological research has suggested autoimmunity as a pathogenic factor in autism 42 , 49 , 55 - This possible autoimmunity in autism was further strengthened by our earlier investigation and demonstration of antibodies to nine different neuron-specific antigens and their cross-reactive proteins and peptides from milk, C.

In that study, we suggested a role for milk proteins and bacterial antigens in the pathogenesis of autistic behavior.

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Based on these findings and earlier reports about the elevation of anti-DPP IV and anti-SK antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus 7 , and patients with myocardial infarction 8 , we first examined the existence of DPP IV autoantibodies in blood samples of children with autism and compared them to levels in patients with mixed connective tissue disease Fig. Second, we asked whether or not antibodies to other peptidases, such as DPP I and CD13, are detected in the sera of patients with autoimmune disease and in children with autism.

Based on these findings, we hypothesized that infectious agents, superantigens including SK and HSP , and dietary proteins such as gliadin peptides in individuals with predisposing HLA molecules may bind to different aminopeptidases and induce autoantibodies to peptides and tissue antigens. To test this hypothesis, and based on gliadin peptide binding to transglutaminase in the brush border of celiac disease patients 43 , we measured antigliadin and anti-HSP peptide antibodies in blood samples of children with autism and patients with autoimmune disease.

Data presented in Fig. We then asked the following question: The answer, depicted in Fig. These results are only supportive but not strong evidence for the binding of gliadin and HSP peptides to aminopeptidases. This similarity in antibody response to membrane peptidases, SK, HSPs, and gliadin peptides in children with autism and patients with autoimmune disease is further evidence of suggested autoimmunity in autism. From our results we conclude that the binding of bacterial superantigens and dietary peptides to DPP IV, DPP I, or CD13 is responsible for autoantibody production in children with autism and in patients with autoimmune diseases.

Inhibition of antibody and peptide binding to DPP IV with specific and nonspecific rabbit antibodies a. This persistence of SK, HSP, and gliadin peptide in circulation results in autoantibodies as well as in reduction of serum peptidase activity and increased complex formation between peptidases and their respective antibodies Production of DPP IV autoantibodies and reduced levels of circulating DPP IV in children with autism are perhaps part of the repair mechanism for nonspecific colitis and ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia reported in children with pervasive developmental disorder This contradictory effect on the immune system was explained by a bimodal action of DPP IV in immune function Finally, by virtue of this exopeptidase activity, we should not forget that DPP IV plays a key regulatory role in the metabolism of peptides.

Thus inactivation of peptidases by autoantibodies may result in accumulation of dietary peptides such as gluteomorphins and casomorphins, in the gut and in circulation, resulting in possible neuroimmune dysregulation. The molecular mimicry between these peptides and human tissue antigens such as myosin 9 and cerebellar antigens 5 , 13 , 21 may result in sensitization of cross-reactive T cells that could mediate the demyelinating process. The activated T cells may then stimulate B cells to produce specific antibodies directed against nerve cell components or recruit macrophages as effector cells A combination of humoral and cellular factors including cytokines may therefore participate in the cause of the disease.

Furthermore, the binding of antibodies to CD and CDbearing lymphocytes may interfere with major histocompatibility complex class I antigen presentation, cytokine production, inhibition of autoreactive lymphocyte apoptosis, and autoimmunity.

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Whether or not these autoantibodies that bind to tissue enzymes and lymphocyte receptors can cause some of the symptoms in patients with mixed connective tissue disease and in autism remains to be determined. In other words, it is not possible to make strong distinctions between induction of autoimmunity and the etiology of autoimmune disease Only the injection of labeled gliadin and HSP peptides into animal models and demonstration of increased levels of antibodies in the blood and induction of abnormal metabolism of neuropeptides in the brain can support this hypothesis.

Further identification of pathogenic peptides and their oral administration, as suggested for patients with celiac disease 41 and patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy 22 , may help to design oral tolerance or other immune suppression strategies in patients with autism and autoimmune disease.

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Indeed, oral tolerance induced with HSP of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proved to be a novel means of suppressing autoimmune atherogenesis. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Clin Diagn Lab Immunol. Nourian , 1 Navid Eghbalieh , 1 and Edwin L. Section of Neuroimmunology, Immunosciences Lab. This article has been corrected. See Clin Diagn Lab Immunol. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Searching for a mechanism underlying autoimmunity in autism, we postulated that gliadin peptides, heat shock protein 60 HSP , and streptokinase SK bind to different peptidases resulting in autoantibody production against these components.

Membrane peptidases and the immune system. Calculation of optimal serum dilution. Absorption of sera with specific and nonspecific antigens and peptides. Open in a separate window. Anti-DPP IV autoantibody levels in control children with autism and patients with autoimmune disease. Means that are reported in the same subset are statistically similar. Similarly, the means for the autism 0. However, the means for control children are significantly different from the autism or autoimmune group.

Similarly, the means for the control adults are statistically different from both the autism and autoimmune groups. Also note that the control groups 0. What you want determines what you have to do to get it. This has two sides. First, if you occasionally suspect that you have acted like the Idiot of the Century, you will act a little less like the Idiot of the Century, and the more often you entertain that suspicion, the less of an Idiot you become. Conversely, if you never confront such dark suspicions, every idiocy that ever enters your head will stay there and you might actually become the certified, undisputed Idiot of the Century, despite the heavy competition.

Well, he never suspects he might qualify as the Idiot of the Century, so I think he has a good chance…. It just might be me, not Bush, who really qualifies as the Idiot of the Century…. Adam Weishaupt founded — or revived — the secret Order of the Illuminati on May 1, ; that much seems like Historical Fact. All else remains disputed and heatedly controversial. Well, not all of them; a Scotch Freemason, John Robison, in his Proofs of a Conspiracy [], claimed the damned Illuminati had taken over Continental European Masonry; he wrote chiefly to warn the lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland against a similar coup.

From another angle, Akron Daraul, in his History of Secret Societies, argues that Weishaupt did not invent but only refurbished the Illuminati, which he relates to earlier movements known as the Holy Vehm Germany , Allumbrados Spain ,Roshinaya Persia etc. They were founded, he says, by Cain, the son not of the holy marriage of Adam and Eve but of an illicit and Satanic coupling between Eve and the Serpent. Bestiality, Satanism and all the themes for a new X Files movie…….

This places them as part of the same occult tradition as Giordano Bruno, Dr. But on the fourth or fifth hand, a British researcher named Nesta Webster sees the Illuminati as the brains behind socialism, communism, anarchism, and the Prussian government from to On the sixth hand, J. Moore argues that the Illuminati, a secret source of fascist occultism, inspired such odd birds as Aaron Burr, Adolf Hitler and J. That one must contain some hidden jokes [I hope]. According to the RogerSpark, a radical Chicago newspaper [July ] Weishaupt actually murdered George Washington and served in his place for his two terms as president.

Hegel maybe; they sounds like him at times……]. The John Birch Society, of course, has a different slant on all this. Sandra Glass, however, thinks of the Illuminati as a group of clandestine pot-heads [cannabis abusers] which included the medieval Assassins, Weishaupt, Goethe, Washington, the first mayor Richard Daly of Chicago and Ludvig van Beethoven.

Well, oddly enough, a recent, scholarly and non-conspiratorial biography of the great Ludwig van, by Maynard Solmon, says Mr B wrote some of his music under commission from the Illuminati and had many friends in the Order itself. Then again, Adam Gorightly in The Prankster and the Conspiracy claims that all recent Illuminati research [posts] has become confused and chaotic because of a hoax conspiracy, also called the Illuminati, founded by one Kerry Thornley, a man accused of involvement in the JFK assassination by New Orleans D.

According to Gorightly, this neo-Illuminati aims only to bedevil and mock the efforts of sincere conspiracy researchers, and he even accuses the author of this essay [me, R.

I, of course, refuse to dignify this absurd charge with a denial, which nobody would believe anyway. We are not victims of the world we see, we are victims of the way we see the world. I think God is sending us a message: A book works like a mirror, somebody said once: I know why he seems weary to me: Weishaupt throws the ball back to the reader,although you may not always catch him doing that. I do not see any conclusive proof that the Illuminati plotted anything nefarious or even illegal, except insofar as free thought itself remained illegal in southern Europe.

Perhaps Tom Jefferson got it right, when he said that secret societies seemed necessary in Europe, haunted by monarchy and Papism, but not in the United States. Certainly, when the Constitution remained the law of the land [i. On the other hand, not just secret societies but secrecy itself or even privacy seem increasingly impossible under the reign of George III. They can even pry into the contents of our bladders, in random tests explicitly forbidden by that wonderful, moribund Constitution.

Sometimes, tossing and trying to sleep in the wee hours, I explore the ideas rejected by my skeptical waking mind. Maybe the most paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati contain some truth. Maybe the All-Seeing Eye on the dollar bill does represent the totally fascist state those bastards want. Maybe all those Internet rants about Skull and Bones serving as a recruiter for the Illuminati have some foundation in fact, after all. Maybe we should really worry when the choice in the next election remains limited to two rich Bonesmen…What is it Weishaupt wrote?

Maybe every Power Structure acts a lot like the most paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati, especially when it feels threatened.? No, no — that way lies madness, schizophrenia and Usenet trolls. Posted in Essays , Excerpts. Tagged Adam Weishaupt , Illuminati. Welcome to the new RAWilsonFans. Posted on March 30, 2 comments. Posted on March 23, 1 comment. Leave a comment Posted in News. Posted on January 11, Leave a comment. Leave a comment Posted in Video Tagged Posted on November 14, Leave a comment. Wilson posted the following to the Maybe Logic Academy main forum back in April of My first interview with a Russian magazine….

Tell something about yourself for Russian readers. It seems like you want to see marijuana regulations liberalized, why?

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Is there any correlation between Taoists sense of humor and your sense of humor? Is there any real conspiracy that affects global processes?

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What would you say to someone claiming there is Global Government? What is the most disgusting prejudice can you point out? Tell us, what do you think of democracy?