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And today, this meaning of the word is the same. To be stumped is to not know what to do or say.

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During the early days of America, the trees fell fast. The stumps remained for years. Sometimes they became part of the landscape. Some writers even wrote stories about tree stumps. I asked why this stump had not been pulled up. In this way, he can be heard better.

When George Washington became commander of all the colonial troops in , he supposedly used stumps to talk to his troops. Presidential candidates travel all over the country to explain their positions on issues to voters and try to win their support.

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Jon Favreau was a speechwriter for President Barack Obama. The speechwriter says that stump speeches contain everything a voter needs to know about where a candidate stands on issues important to that campaign.

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And that is the end of Words and Their Stories. If this story has left you feeling stumped, write us a comment. We will help you figure it out! Words and Their Stories.

What Does It Mean to Be Stumped?

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