Moment Musicaux, Op. 94, No. 3 (Piano Score)

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Burred, piano - http: A classic Russian chanson.

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As arranged and performed by Slava Makovsky. Franz Schubert - Moment Musical D nr. Schubert's whimsical musical moment. It's amazing to find so many different ways of interpreting this little piece.

Moments Musicaux D.780 (Air Russe Op. 94, No. 3) - Franz Schubert, Piano

Enjoy this ever-expanding library of official performance videos and exclusive interviews from the classical greats. Buy Me A Coffee: Six moments musicaux, D Op.

The movements are as follows: Moderato in C major Andantino in A-flat major Allegro moderato in F minor ends in F major Moderato in C-sharp minor Allegro vivace in F minor ends in F major Allegretto in A-flat major ends on an open octave in an A-flat minor context Along with the Impromptus, they are among the most frequently played of all Schubert's piano music, and have been recorded many times. The piece ends in a coda that returns to the first tempo, and repeats portions of the previous three parts. It ends with a perfect authentic cadence into B-flat minor. Andantino is the longest in the set by playing time about 8: The second piece, referred to as a "glittering showpiece", is positioned in contrast to the lyrical and "atmospheric" melody of the first piece.

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The second section radically changes dynamics , constantly changing from piano to fortissimo and even sforzando. Rachmaninoff revised this piece in March , changing the melody but leaving the constant sextuplets, proving that the rushing figures are not simple bravura or flair. The theme of the first and second sections are played entirely in minor thirds , accompanied by a left hand figure of open fifths and octaves.

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The third section has the melody in minor sixths , alongside a staccato octave bass. The lament of the opening theme transforms into an explicit funeral march as the left-hand octaves become regular. The fourth piece is similar to the second in the quality of its performance.

Presto is in ternary form with a coda. The piece begins with a fortissimo introduction with a thick texture in the left hand consisting of chromatic sextuplets. The melody is a "rising quasi-military" idea, interspersed between replications of the left hand figure, [7] the mostly two-note melody being a strong unifying element.

The technique of rapidly changing the octave in which a melody is played, sometimes called "registral displacement", is used to present the figure in a more dramatic form that increases the intensity of the ending.

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The piece is a major exercise in endurance and accuracy: Additionally, octave intervals invariably appear before fast sextuplet runs, making quick wrists and arm action necessary. The double melodies Rachmaninoff uses in this work exists purposely to "keep both hands occupied," obscuring the melody and making it difficult for the right hand to project.

The piece is similar to the form of a barcarolle , a folk song with a rhythmic tuplet accompaniment. Lacking any prodigious figures or difficult runs, the piece displays Rachmaninoff's capability for musical lyricism. Although the piece seems simple, the mood must be sustained by playing simultaneously restrained but dynamic triplet figures in the left hand.

Schubert - Moment Musical Op.94 no.3 sheet music for Piano

The melody, a chordal texture with frequent suspended tones , creates a difficult task in voicing , and placing the correct emphasis on the correct notes. Its relatively short melody lines are a direct contrast to Rachmaninoff's characteristically long lines, giving a shorter time to bring out the phrases. The last piece in the set is a quintessential nineteenth-century work, and has been described as an " apotheosis or completion of struggle.

The final piece or movement of a cycle that is virtuosic and brilliant, employing the entire range of dynamics and sonorities available to the piano, bringing a set of pieces to a glorious conclusion.

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This "stormy, agitated" work contains a "vehemently triple-dotted main theme and only some brief midsection hazy sunshine [that lightens] the storm before fortississimo thunders return and finally dominate. Upon entering the coda, the work resumes the forte theme and amalgamates to a majestic ending played fortississimo. Maestoso is one of the most difficult pieces in the set. Stamina and strength are required to sustain a full resonant sound, while the continuous thirty-second figure can be tiring for the pianist.

Additionally, the dynamics, mostly "loud" and "very loud," indicate that an accurate vision of relative volume is necessary. The Six moments musicaux were well received by critics.