Jon Bon Jovi: The Sinner and the Saint.

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A year ago I had hit the bottom. I ask if it had anything to do with his daughter Stephanie's non-fatal heroin overdose, but he quickly shuts that down: I've loved the idea of being with one record company, with one band, with one woman for all of these years. He is remarkably upfront about it being a collection of half-finished, unloved songs, handed to the label "in a brown paper bag: The closing track doesn't mince words: There's a track on the new album about the perfidy of music industry executives too, The Devil's in the Temple.

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At the gig, he introduces it with a spiel about a business ruined by philistines, before revealing that, in the end, he cut a new deal: What the Island employees make of this is anyone's guess. But it's Sambora I want to talk about: Living with the Ghost , the new album's second track, is a love lost song that could be about Sambora.

Saints & Sinners - Saints & Sinners 1992 [Full Album]

Reunion — "This isn't how the story ends, my friend. It's just a fork along the road" — surely is. So what sort of relationship do they have now? But you're not friends any more? He quit the band. If you're reduced to saying nice things about each other on social media… "We don't have that relationship any more. Neither does Tico, neither does Dave, so please be clear that it's us, not me," he admits.

As a band, Bon Jovi has always been good at keeping its secrets. There's no tell-all book, like Motley Crue's The Dirt. The official biography, When We Were Beautiful , is as bland and glossy as a timeshare brochure. The unauthorised version, The Sinner and the Saint , never gets close to its target. The official line on Sambora's departure is: So I stick at it, and ask the question again.

Why did Richie quit? If you don't go to work, you don't get paid," Bon Jovi repeats, only this time he mimes downing three shots of alcohol and injecting drugs.

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Sambora has done several stints in rehab, but has always maintained that he left the band for good because he was tired of touring and wanted to do his own thing. When he took it in to rehearsal, Torres told him "eh, Popeye, that's not going to work" and began pounding an alternative rhythm. As he mimes Bryan "beating the shit out of the piano", then McDonald and Shanks joining in, unfeigned enthusiasm animates Bon Jovi's face.

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Same goes for everyone else! No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. Song Meaning Well as Bon Jovi said a good song is a song with a meaning that YOU have for it, meaning a good song is a song that anyone can take it and make it there own song. My meaning for this song is really just that we werent born to follow others, some of us are born to make a difference.

This song like makes my life complete!

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I believe Bon Jovi is gonna be putting out another great record! I'm so excited for November 10th so I can go get the new album and then I can't wait for their next tour in Spring ! Bon Jovi is the best ever!!! Great new song, great band.

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General Comment doesn't really need to be said, but i will anyway great song by a great band. General Comment i cant believe this song only has 5 comments!

Songtext von Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born to Follow Lyrics

General Comment Another great song with the human inspiration that Jon Bon Jovi can express like few others. Too bad it was probably inspired by the joke that was the election. The lie that is Obama fooled so many good people and ironically they became exactly what they "were born to follow" It was all just a marketing campaign that the blindly followed by the desperate.

So I guess the reality was that it WAS "about livin in a fantasy". Regardless, the energy of the time and of this song is universal and very American. In fact this enire song can be interpreted to mean that we are not the sheep that continue to follow what is written on this fool's teleprompter. We will rise against, take our country back and hopefully learn our lesson that the spirit of this song should never be attached to any politician, red or blue, that is nothing more than a vote collector.