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It was quick and easy to roughly trim the sticks to a 30cm to 40cm length, poke them in the soil then using the more "whippy" prunings, I wove them in and out of all the upright prunings.


Eventually the fence falls apart so I then use the sticks as kindling. Moggie fence Use bamboo stakes and wide mesh cloth bought by the metre. Mesh cloth is sold as windbreak cloth or insect mesh. The width of the mesh becomes the height. Use long bamboo stakes pushed into the ground or steel waratahs if you have them.

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Make sure there is a gap with no string between stakes that is wide enough for you to fit through to weed or harvest your crop. Find a height to let the mesh cloth "drop" to the ground without a gap at the bottom. Wind string around each stake then on to the next stake, until you reach the last stake. Leave one stake without string — this will be your entrance to the garden bed.

The mesh cloth is then attached to the string - I just used clothes pegs because they were available. To access the garden, simply peg the mesh cloth to the next stake at the top, overlapping the cloth, peg the cloth together two to three times down the length of the last stake.

Gardening: How dangerous are cat feces in the garden?

Remove the last pegs and fold back the cloth. We don't even have a cat! Fill a litter tray with compost and attract them to that instead. My three cats go where I have laid an area of mulch. For people who are troubled by other people's cats, the answer is to get your own cat!

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  • Barb Hyde, Manawatu 9. Cat biscuits Scatter dry cat biscuits around the area and replenish as required. Supposedly cats won't "toilet" where there's a food source. It is not harmful to animals or birds apparently. I have no hesitation in fully recommending this product. Mavis Clifton, Lower Hutt Sheep pellets Living in an area with a lot of cats, including one of my own, and being one of the few people with a garden, mine became the communal gathering place.

    I noticed the only garden they didn't touch was my vegetable box where I had spread sheep pellets on top but hadn't dug them in.

    Cat Garden Gandhidham

    So, I did this with the rest of the garden and watched cats sniff the garden, then back off and make other ablution arrangements. Repeat the application once they start to break down and you are not only cat-free, but are adding nitrogen to your soil. Spread about a handful of pellets every couple of square metres. Mari Hewson, Waimate I solved this by sprinkling spent coffee grounds around the plants. I also use mesh to stop the birds and cats from digging up my newly sown seeds and cut milk bottles for seedlings.

    11 ways to get rid of cats from your garden | BT

    When the seedlings reach the top of the milk bottles I pull the bottles off. Cats and birds don't touch my seedlings when they are like this. Pepper I buy packs of white pepper and transfer them into a sprinkle container. When I've sown seeds or have vulnerable seedlings, I simply sprinkle it around the area. It keeps the neighbour's cats away, doesn't harm plants or the garden and is easy to reapply after rain or watering.

    But they may not give long-term protection. If cats in your garden are scratching up seedbeds, try putting a galvanised chicken-wire cage over the area and keep it in position until the plants are of a reasonable size. Whatever method you choose, clear away any evidence of fouling first, as this acts as a magnet for more cats and more fouling. What is Japanese knotweed - and what does it look like?

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