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City in the Clouds Uh-oh! Neal has a problem. Eric and Julie hope someone in Droon can help. Princess Keeah thinks there might be a cure in the City in the Clouds. Too bad the friends only have one day before the city disappears! The Great Ice Battle Brrr! Jaffa City is under a spell of ice and snow. Even Galen the wizard is frozen solid! But they better hurry or they might get frozen, too. Born in Ohio, Tony now lives with his wife and two daughters in Connecticut. The Secrets of Droon: City in the Clouds; 5: The Great Ice Battle; 6: Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

I didn't care about Faithie.

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I had never been introduced to her personally, so when she wallows so much in grief, I just roll my eyes and scan the page for the point when she stops. The whole alliteration thing got me too. I'm just glad there isn't a third one. Jun 03, AlixNicolee rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series of books was like riding a roller coaster.

Sometimes the cart would take me up and above all so I could see everything that was happening, and then it took me down into a tunnel, and I became completely oblivious of the things around me. A part in this book made me want to cry and smash something, becuase it was so frustrating and I knew what was supposed to go on and the main character didn't have a clue-but she made an incredible turn around and I became content again.

Merry Hanson This series of books was like riding a roller coaster.

The Secrets of Droon: Volume 2 by Tony Abbott | Books

Merry Hanson goes through many challenges throughout these books, all coming together for a peaceful ending, one that I thought could be better, but was meaningful in a way, considering all that Merry had been through. And, like the roller coaster, it looped around and gave me butterflies, then came in to a sudden halt and it was over. And what good is a roller coaster if you don't go on it again and again? Jun 03, Kaylie rated it really liked it. I hated the ending Levi should have ended up with merry in my opinion.

Aug 03, Godsprincess rated it really liked it. Feb 28, Tinydancer added it. It was a really good book. It gave a great view of God and Merry's belief. Definetly one I would reccomend for you to read: Jan 09, Tabitha rated it really liked it.

Adult Coloring Book Haul The Largest Yet Review - PaulAndShannonsLife

It was Christian, had some clean romance, and overall jut fun to read! The first one was, no doubt, better than the second, but the second is still awesome!: May 08, A rated it it was amazing. Merry Hanson, young, strong and living her life throughout the many difficulties it brings. A general summary of the book is Merry Hanson and the aid she gives to her friends that are in need; even though she struggles at times with her own personal life she still gives all she can to help those in need.

The author Beverly Lewis does an amazing job showing the internal struggles and fights that goes on in the inside; and we're able to see these personal struggles due to the first person view. Th Merry Hanson, young, strong and living her life throughout the many difficulties it brings. This book is a genuinely good read that remains encapturing from beginning to the end. I enjoyed the book very much because although long, I was able to laugh and enjoy the large story line about Merry and her many triumphs. One factor I believe that should have been altered was the inconsistency with some of the characters traits, for example Levi and his changes from start to finish.

I would recommend this book to my friends because of it's great detail and intense stories. Mar 14, Mary Painter rated it it was amazing. May 30, Hannah Schuck rated it it was amazing. But I liked it! Oct 18, Adrienne rated it it was ok. Crunched for time in late , so short review I would recommend reading the first volume before reading this one. In addition, please note that these volumes were originally released as small novellas, so this affects quite a few things--some mentioned below.

There were several parts during which I almost set the entire second volume down never to return.

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I was simply bored--and with so much reading material available in the world, this will definitely drive some readers away. Th Crunched for time in late , so short review The writing level fluctuates--in some sections, the writing is good never great. In other sections, the writing is poor. Part of this is likely due to the fact that volumes were originally released as novellas.

#4:City in the Clouds; #5:The Great Ice Battle; #6:The Sleeping Giant of Goll

Plot--To be fair to the author, she has quite a bit to juggle. However, some plots are overly-simplistic or overly-obvious. Others are handled poorly or left dangling. In my opinion, the relationship between Levi and Merry drives the story--plus, the Amish characters add an excellent extra component to the stories. The relationship or lack there-of between Johnathan and Merry is an annoying distraction--not because many teenage girls are not fickle in real life Boy, are they ever!

This causes the reader to care little for their relationship or Merry's pining over him. Do not get me started on "Alliteration-eze! For me, it is a disappointing ending, and the lack of an afterword is also disappointing! Jun 16, J. Spredemann rated it liked it Shelves: First of all, I think Beverly Lewis is a gifted writer.

She is talented with adding what I call "fluff". I'm hoping that Beverly Lewis will write a third volume and give readers the end we were expecting and wanted. Both of my daughters read the series and have the same sentiments. I'm thinking that perhaps the publishers didn't want her to write a third volume? We can only guess I would have giv First of all, I think Beverly Lewis is a gifted writer.

I would have given this book 5 stars, but the outcome was just too disappointing. I enjoyed the alliteration game! I was an okay book.

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I wouldn't recommend it to anyone really, unless you love novels written about Amish folks or you love God. I did however enjoy the message of the book. No matter what happens in life God will always be there, pray and everything will be alright.

But ot I was an okay book. But other than that, the book was pretty boring, I don't think I will be reading this book again, or any books written by Beverly Lewis. Jul 16, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: The Magical Flower Shop Vol. Fabulous Holidays New Titles. The Time Detectives Vol. Columbus and the Mutineers New Titles. Advent Calendar Seasonal Titles. The Missing Things New Titles. An Elvish Winter New Titles.


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