The Roses of No Mans Land

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I couldn't put my finger on the notes, but it's a rosy fruity floral that smells jammy and red. I think this is quite nice and possibly the most enjoyable from the Byredo line that I've tried , save potentially Pulp. I quite enjoy the pairing of the sourly fruity raspberry and refreshing tartness of rose.

Think Majestic Rose with a softer rose and oud replaced with musks and oak. When you smell it, you're instantly calmed. Real calm, not momentary calm - the type of calm that makes your head feel fuzzy. In the first notes I smell raspberry bloom, more than rose.

This is very feminine and soft scent. The only one peraonally for me that do not annoys me, even if I am not a fan of roses. Just got this today in the mail… At first spray, the scent is subtle but very beautiful. Like the shy one in the room, this one does not speak loudly, but when it speak, it's quite profound. I'm excited to see how this one wears for sure. It has a soft sweetness… and sometimes smells a bit like powdery body lotion. It is very soft and faint.

It sort of smells a bit synthetic like body spray you could get from a Bath and Body… So I'm not sure if the price is worth it… Seems to have staying power though… I spray a jacket yesterday and I could still smell the scent this AM. As a niche lover I find Byredo's perfumes a bit overrated. I've tried every perfume form Byredo but nothing is thrilled me in the collection. Sour, not very sweet, woody-ambery rose perfume created for people who love the fruity rose perfumes.

The heavy alcoholic start of a bitter drug that saturates your nose which you will hardly understand in layers of mild, floral, powdery flavors. This phase is long-lasting. The condition that is created is incomprehensible to me. Then it is smoother, it's smoky and woody, and the amber smell is formed in perfume, which will last until the end of the perfume. In this stage, the heavier, heavier, fragrant atmosphere of the fragrance is low, with the heart and heart fragrances of rose, floral, powdery and mild spicy.

Gentle cream sweets that work beautifully at this stage Final note: The perfume fragrance core continues to be roses and floral aromas, in the amber bedding with hot and smoky juice, green, and fungus of papyrus, this stage is further enhanced, and the rest of the acorns are on the edge of the periphery and only understands them. Rose, mild spice, floral, wood, a gum that you can wear for party parties or daily half-dresses. The point is that most women wear perfume more. Byredo's tribute to the field nurses of WWI- R.

No aroma-chemicals here, R. L is anchored by golden amber, and sticky, sappy papyrus. A masterpiece for Byredo. I don't know if it's me or a reformulation.

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I've worn this in fall and, in the cold, the papyrus and pepper really sharpens the rose, making this a very abstract floral scent. I just put this on the other day and what is surprising is the banana note that mysteriously appears during a hot summer's day giving you a blast of full throaty rose, then a splash of banana, then a dry-down of more rose cradled in papyrus with pepper puffs here and there.

Needs to be reapplied frequently for the return of the complexity but all in all a fine lady to have around. Like the other Byredo scents I've sampled and owned, this is a very mid-range quality perfume though it does its job and can be quite the friend when you need it. This is my dream rose. The beginning is a rounded out sweet red berry on a red red rose. It doesn't smell like rose water or powdery at all. It's when you have your face down in the rose and you breathe in DEEP.

This smells red and velvety. I need a full bottle ASAP. It remains a true rose with no shocking twists but is an earthier rose on my skin, perhaps this is due to the papyrus component, one I'm unfamiliar with so am I'm unsure what that brings but I like it if that's what it is! Aside from the hints of pink pepper and amber notes there is also a big nod to the subtlety of antique roses versus the "boom! If you love rose scents, this is definitely a great one well worth exploring and possibly adding to your library.

Byredo Rose of No Man's Land is definitely a slight improvement on Rose Noir, by having at least an interesting, contrasting mix of notes that complement the rose: Like Rose Noir, the rose note for me falls somewhere between fresh and heavy, and is the main feature. Performance is decent, but Rose of No Man's Land again falls victim to being good but not good enough to buy at Byredo's pricing, even if slightly discounted on the secondary market. Still, it is pleasant and I'd be happy to wear it further if I already owned it.

First I tried it without knowing it's notes: I could smell rose,a pretty note,not dark or too much spicy,a berry-rose but I couldn't say whether it's the berri-ish vibe of rose itself or there's a raspberry note. I could also detect sometimes dry,a little powdery,a little woody,a little spicy,a little herbal.

Brennan, James A, and Jack Caddigan. TheRose of No Man's Land. Jack Mendelsohn Music Co. Skip to main content. Notated Music The rose of no man's land. Enlarge View 4 images in sequence. For voice and piano. Articles and Essays with this item: Library of Congress, Music Division. Cite This Item Citations are generated automatically from bibliographic data as a convenience, and may not be complete or accurate. More Notated Music like this.

Feist Inc - Brennan, James A. It is by no means an easy read, and I found myself in awe at these women who would sometimes work up to 22 hours a day without complaint, and in such a matter of fact way it would put modern day medical staff to shame. Their living conditions were primitive and for many came as a huge shock when compared to the cosseted lives they had led up to the outbreak of war.

I have read many books about WWI but this has to be amongst the best I have read.

Rose Of No Man's Land Byredo perfume - a new fragrance for women and men

It shows how courage can come in many forms and from the most unlikely people, but it also highlights the point that, although the war may have destroyed a generation of men, both mentally and physically, it actually played a large and important role in recreating the role of women in that time.

I would highly recommend this book to all readers regardless of whether they are avid WWI readers or not. We can learn a lot about attitude from this book. I've seen some beautiful flowers, Grow in life's garden fair, I've spent some wonderful hours, Lost in their fragrance rare; But I have found another, Wondrous beyond compare.

There's a rose that grows on "No Man's Land" And it's wonderful to see, Tho' its spray'd with tears, it will live for years, In my garden of memory.

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Out of the heavenly splendour, Down to the trail of woe, God in his mercy has sent her, Cheering the world below; We call her "Rose of Heaven", We've learned to love her so. Feb 09, Marguerite Kaye rated it it was amazing.

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This was not an easy read. There were times when I was in floods of tears, and most of the time I was just totally awed by the heroism of the women described. That they themselves were so very matter-of-fact, that they took the long hours as in 20, 22 hour shifts , the horrors they dealt with, the appalling conditions many of them lived in bell tents and the strain, the heavy responsibilities hey were given, for granted, made me feel rather small. Told through letters and diaries, this book g This was not an easy read. Told through letters and diaries, this book gives you a very immediate sense of what it was like working in the various casualty clearing stations, field hospitals and general hospitals, not just on the Western front but on the Eastern front and back home in Blighty.

The logistics are both amazing and appalling. The sheer volume of casualties is unimaginable. I've read lots and lots of books on the subject of the Great War. This is one of the best. Not just because of the mass of detail, personal anecdotes that make the detail memorable, and the volume of fascinating medical facts which show the real progress medicine made because of the war, but because of the people themselves. They blew me away. I would really, really like to know how they coped with peace. That would make a fascinating follow-up.

Jul 29, Barbara rated it really liked it. This was a brilliant work of research turned into a compelling account of civilians turned soldiers, turned nurses, turned ambulance drivers on the front lines during WWI. The author plumbed the depths of letters and diaries cherished by families, in museums, and libraries for her accounts of battle, hospitals, bravery and medical advances in what was supposed to be the war to end all wars.

You get such an accurate picture of the what war was like and what it was like to fight, be injured, give s This was a brilliant work of research turned into a compelling account of civilians turned soldiers, turned nurses, turned ambulance drivers on the front lines during WWI. You get such an accurate picture of the what war was like and what it was like to fight, be injured, give solice and comfort to the wounded it was better than tomes of dense history books.

Very readable and compelling. A must read for readers of war history, readers of cultural studies, womens studies. Jul 28, Mackay rated it really liked it Shelves: Macdonald has a felicitous way of combining a graceful, clear narrative with the letters, diaries, and recollections of the participants to tell one coherent, heart-breaking story. In some ways, the nurses and doctors on the Western Front in WW I had much the worst job, for they shared the shelling, the cold, the mud, the heat, the futility, with the men on the line This is a great book. Dec 13, Alice rated it really liked it Shelves: The First World War seen through the eyes of the young women who enlisted as nurses and ambulance drivers, as well as the doctors and the men unfit for military service who volunteered in other capacities.

Plenty of horror, heroism and humour, and some fascinating details from the early days of plastic surgery and blood transfusion. It would have been nice to hear from the non-English-speaking participants as well, but the scope is already vast. I found reading this book to be a bit tedious. The author makes very frequent use of letters and diaries that occupy nearly every page and sometimes continues for pages on end. I found this really annoying and to me this makes the narrative seem disjointed in a way.

Although this may be a good source for what it was like on the medical end of WWI there are other books that are at least just as good if not better. I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't. I practically had to force m I found reading this book to be a bit tedious. I practically had to force myself to finish it. This is a book I cannot recommend. Jul 20, James Plummer rated it really liked it.

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In an era where life appeared almost cheap and a war where yards of ground cost hundreds, thousands or more lives there is a quiet dignity and care to do the best they can in the most appealing of situations. Hard hitting, yet humorous a collection of great stories, but occasionally a little hard to follow, a really good read. May 08, Ann Lynch rated it it was amazing.

I really liked this book. I took quite a long time to read this book because I wanted to absorb all of it and "re-live" the accounts presented by the doctors and nurses who lived it. I will look into more of Lyn Macdonald's books. Feb 18, Susan rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put this down once I'd started it. One hundred years ago men were being maimed, mutilated and dying by the hundreds of thousands in WW1. Intellectually I've known this since high school! I can't remember the last time I read a history this vivid. Apr 21, Ginger Monette rated it it was amazing Shelves: THIS was an excellent book.

A treasure for anyone interested in the role of the British 'medical machine' on the Western Front. There were occasional voices of men, doctors and such, as often their testimony helped further paint the picture or enhance the reader's understanding of the event of the time. The author was also able to group like topics together like blood transfusion to highlight important aspects of medical care.

The Roses of No Man's Land

I only wished that the diary entries quoted included the date of their original writing. I suspect they were omitted as the observations quoted were not always in perfect date synchronization with the historical narrative. Due to the fact that she did group observations about a particular topic, regardless of the date, when appropriate.

For anyone researching medicine on the Western Front, I would first recommend reading Wounded by Mayhew first. Each chapter focused on a different player in the British evacuation chain--from the stretcher bearer in no man's land, to the young girl at Victoria's Station in London putting clean pillow cases on pillows for ambulances. You'll know who was who and basically what they did. Then pick this up, and you will get the historical backdrop served up with first hand accounts.

Well done Ms Macdonald. If you would like my notes from either book, PM me.