The Killing of the Saints (The Charlie Morell Trilogy Book 1)

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I had a hard time feeling sympathetic for any of the characters. The Santeria part was interesting but not interesting enough. The book has a good title, though.

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Sep 01, Linda rated it really liked it. I don't think I have read a book with a Cuban-American protagonist. Favorite 77 rated it really liked it Dec 08, Sam rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Jill rated it liked it May 25, Daniel Eddington rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Melonie Lovell rated it it was amazing May 31, Mousseline rated it really liked it May 01, Noelle rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Manuel rated it it was ok Mar 24, David Martin rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Ursula rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Wanda rated it liked it Mar 22, Quabena Nhyira rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Alicia rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Mika rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Chris Porter rated it really liked it Mar 29, Heather rated it liked it Nov 23, Holly Painter rated it it was amazing May 30, John Ribo rated it liked it Jun 02, Barlow rated it it was amazing May 06, Genevieve rated it really liked it May 14, Kathleen rated it really liked it Jan 23, Neil Kernohan rated it it was ok Jun 22, Having granted access, one staffer added that "agreeing to this book was either the brightest or the dumbest move rand had ever made.

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Even as Eisenhower warned in his farewell address against the "military-industrial complex," what would become its most assertive avatar was gestating in the bowels of his administration a mixed metaphor, but intentionally so. The precise combination of defense contractors, government officials, and academics that Ike regarded as so pernicious was taking shape at rand, then the in-house think tank of the US Air Force. With the advent of nuclear warfare, the air force suddenly became a cogent force at the Pentagon. It was made into its own corps and, as such, began the endless lobbying for an ever-larger piece of the defense budget.

Through rand archival letters and memos, as well as numerous interviews, Abella goes a long way toward fleshing out which influentials passed through the rand offices, which, like the University of Chicago, became a site of genuflection for the devout, touring the neocon stations of the cross. The two most definitive figures in the heyday of rand, when the theories and practices that would define the organization were being devised, were Albert Wohlstetter and Herman Kahn.

Wohlstetter, slim and almost reserved, and Kahn, rotund and voluble, were the apocalyptic Abbott and Costello, dueling geniuses of nuclear absurdism. In one of the many logical cul-de-sacs that rand spawned, Kahn's and Wohlstetter's arguments purport to be contra mutually assured destruction. The idea is for our side not to be destroyed, which is to say that what is being advocated is a thermonuclear engagement in which we have the capacity to sustain an attack and survive-survive, that is, intact enough to launch a retaliatory salvo, the all-important, all-devastating "second strike.

Deterrence theory can seem like a feedback loop, as Abella points out.

However, it's simply not true. In , as Eisenhower handed over the presidency, the Soviet Union had only four nuclear bombs.

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There were once only two in the world, and we used them. The arms race was enabled by decisions and positions at every turn. And while the number of countries in the nuclear club isn't forty, as rand predicted in the early '80s, there are enough-not to mention the possibility of extranational groups with nuclear capabilities.

India and Pakistan stare across Kashmir in the same zero-sum predicament that bound the cold-war superpowers. It's possible that if a nuclear strike were made against the United States, it would be unclear to which country we should return the favor. Second-strike capability is not as much fun when you don't know whom to obliterate. Martin Amis once wrote, "I argue with my father about nuclear weapons. In this debate, we are all arguing with our fathers. They emplaced or maintained the status quo. They got it hugely wrong. They failed to see the nature of what they were dealing with-the nature of the weapons-and now they are trapped in the new reality, trapped in the great mistake.


Perhaps there will be no hope until they are gone. In fact, many of them still hold sway. It turns out that maybe Spengler was an optimist, for we are still making the great mistake. Kirkus A crisp history of the world's most influential think tank, which the Soviet publication Pravda once called the "academy of science and death. Seeking to maintain that link and understanding the need to cope with peacetime threats to national security, Air Force hot shots, including the legendary Generals Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold and Curtis LeMay, helped to found RAND for "research and development".

Throughout the next half-century, RAND's intellectual gunslingers--its researchers and advisors have won 27 Nobel Prizes--expanded their role and helped set large portions of America's military and political agenda. RAND's detractors accuse the corporation of subordinating morality to the achievement of U. RAND's luminaries have included the brilliant mathematician John von Neumann, thermonuclear war expert and model for Dr.

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Its theorists have contributed to our everyday lexicon such words and phrases as "fail-safe," "doomsday machine," "systems analysis," "futurology," "zero-sum game" and "prisoner's dilemma. After a nuclear exchange, would the living truly envy the dead?

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On December 14, , Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron was released from federal custody several months earlier than her original sentence was calculated. Her current status regarding the completion of her court mandated supervised parole and restitution has not been released to the public. Although her plea agreement is public information, her actual testimony in court was sealed. As of April her whereabouts are unknown. It has been estimated that more than 25 people were killed as a result of LeBaron's prison-cell orders.

Many of his family members and other ex-members of the group still remain in hiding for fear of retribution from LeBaron's remaining followers. Ervil LeBaron married 13 women and fathered more than 50 children. He also raised several stepchildren. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Putnam's Sons, New York, Note, Noemi's name has been spelled variously "Noemi", "Naomi", and "Neomi".

Retrieved November 23, Retrieved June 1, Retrieved June 16, Leaders in the Mormon fundamentalist movement. Leslie Broadbent John Y. LaMoine Jenson Lynn A. Johnson Rulon Jeffs Warren Jeffs. Jessop one-time de facto leader Wendell Nielsen one-time legal head James Oler. Marion Hammon Alma A. Kingston Elden Kingston John O. Winston Blackmore John W. Dalton Tom Green James D.

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Sects in the Latter Day Saint movement. Church of Christ Organized by: Joseph Smith Joseph Smith's original organization; multiple sects currently claim to be true successor trust reorganized [note 1] incorporated The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Organized by: Marion Hammon and Alma Timpson approx. Confederate Nations of Israel Organized by: Shepard Book Company, [February 4, ], p. Apostolic United Brethren schisms. Apostolic United Brethren Organized by: Retrieved from " https: