Dream of Shadows

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I am not into your basic love romance novels but this one has enough twist and turns that it's not your basic romance. Well worth the read. Sep 03, T rated it it was amazing. I have read most of Seressia's other books and assumed that this was an IR book, wrong. Nevertheless, it was exciting story. The characters were well written and the phyical attraction was a good mix. Glass gives the secondary characters their own story expecially Bear and Mala.

Apr 15, Heather rated it really liked it. Fast paced and entertaining.

What Do Dreams about the Shadow Mean? - Dream Meanings

Must be something about seressia - I seem to always end up reading her books when I'm in Perth. Remember reading shadow blade a few years back, will have to double check but I suspect this book is a spinoff. Hopefully more to follow: I really tried with this book but i just couldn't finish this. Jun 26, Nicole rated it it was amazing. This book was amazing to me. I hope their will be a second part to it as well May 25, Dren rated it liked it.

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Jan 31, Sonya rated it it was amazing. Jenn Graham rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Rene Durham rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Pat Cromwell rated it liked it Feb 16, Cocoa rated it did not like it Apr 22, Creshone rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Rosa rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Delitealex rated it liked it Apr 24, Senora rated it really liked it Mar 30, Bridget Midway rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Theresa rated it really liked it Oct 23, Collette rated it really liked it Sep 17, Jeanetta rated it it was ok Jan 03, Vonda Msjackson rated it liked it Oct 03, Kesha rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Roslyn rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Carter rated it it was ok Jan 19, Eventually it went away.

It came back atleast 2 more times and I knew it was coming each time. Everytime it came, I tried harder and harder to call out to God. Then I woke up. The first, I could see features of a young girl with dark hair. I thought I woke up because i was in my bed in my room. Only she was there, too. I wrestled her off me, had my covers over her, and pinned her down, my knee to her chest.

Strange as it was, I could feel her ribs against my knee. I woke during that then went back to sleep it was three in the morning. The dream I had that time, someone familiar was with me but I can't remember who. My house was dark and I didn't want to leave my room. She told me to go on to the bathroom and she will stand guard, but do what she says. As I was brushing my teeth, she told me to not look down. I could see little shadow people out of my peripherals, but I just started at her. She kept looking up at the top of my door frame, telling me to not look there or down.

Down the hall, I saw twin figures, their heights made me think kids. I screamed at them to get out and one flinched. I woke up after that. Still have no clue what to think of either dream. In my dream there was a orb of light, it was my orb of light, that someone had to catch before the shadow man got too close to me and takes me. I am very curious about what this dream means. I was sleeping and saw this dark like smoke come towards me I freaked out and tried to scream but I couldn't and so this dark thing was on me and I tried to get up but felt weighed down I kept apologising and my hardest scream but nothing would come out.

So I tried my best to on the light but this dark thing was heavy it bit my hand and the side of my back I was back on my bed and as I fought to get away this mirror apeared out of nowhere and with all I had I screamed no! And woke up dazed and felt my hand a bit sore. I see a swifter, just standing on its own.

What Do Dreams about the Shadow Mean?

I started walking towards it and it moved away. I ran to the light switch to turn on and felt like someone grabbed me. As I stood still the swifter move the curtain to look outside. Fatima Sanchez When I was at the age of a college student, this is what happened.

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One day at home while I was sleeping in our living room and I was alone, because all my family either at work or in school. In my sleep I heard a loud sound, a sound that was like calling my name, and at the same time i can see and sense a very strong red light. A very bright red like a fire. As it says in the title, I'm being chased by the Reaper. It starts one time after I get out of some party venue in Seattle, and it was like 3am or.

In the beginning of my dream, I was in a hotel and in my room there were strangers I did not know going in and out. The room I was staying in was very.

Morning of June 13, 2 0 1 7. I find myself wandering in a distorted version of Cubitis, seemingly in the morning at first. So i was sitting down and i noticed two shadows one beside me and the other in front of me suddenly the black shadow beside me got up and walked in fr.

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  • In this dream, I dreamt that time had flown by. In my dream I remember my shadow was stolen. Don't know who by or why, then half sleeping half awake I knew I couldn't breath. I was asking for help but because I could not breath it was very quiet and I was afraid and thought I was dying.